US Rowing Masters Nationals 2018 - Lake Merritt, CA

Flying home from Masters Nationals on Lake Merrit and thinking about all the great people we met. I really enjoy talking to rowers from all over the country about this sport we love. Thanks to everyone who came up to us while we were handing out the RB Oar decals and commented on our gear. So cool to hear that you're digging what we're creating. It adds an extra level of determination and psyche to get home and design even better apparel. I think we're on to something good here. Stay tuned for more. Oh, and most importantly, thanks to the CRF crew for the support and excellent product modeling! You guys, rock. Congrats to all the racers who showed up and put it out there on the water. #respect  

See you at Worlds!

Mia Zierk

A shot of the crew at lunch on Friday.

CRF Crew - Nationals lunch time