We're gonna take a pass.

Stores grossly inflate their prices then slice them in half for a "sale" so it appears like you're getting HUGE SAVINGS! Employees miss the holidays during what should be cherished time off with family & friends, all in the name of a marketing strategy.

RB is not down with that plan.

We love you & we are grateful for your business. We also love our family and friends and will be spending the holiday with them. RB does not inflate prices. Our mark-up is enough to keep us up and running. True that.
We are not a big company. We are some firefighters who wanted a cool pair of shorts to work out in at our FD, so we made some. The next thing we knew we were going to some local trade shows, and made a website to share our passion with our brothers & sisters. If you choose to spend some of your holiday dollars with us, that would rock. We need and value your support. The money you spend at RB helps us make cool new firefighter athletic wear and support causes, charities & firefighter athletes. We need you.

We thank you for your loyalty, and we wish you and your family, friends, & crew the very BEST Thanksgiving. Cheers!


Written by Mia Zierk — December 03, 2013


THIS IS IT: Get your final RB orders in NOW! We are shutting this house down in 2015. Our projected last day for online sales 1-15-15. What you see in the shop is all that's left! Get yours, grab another fave -- spread the word! Check out our BLOG for details.

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