Some news you can use: Yo Crew. About that "BLACK FRIDAY" "CYBER MONDAY" Rugga Rugga... We're out.

We'll be kicking it with our families around the Big 10 over Thanksgiving weekend. Hope you all get to do the same if you're not on shift working the greatest job on earth.

No big sales coming up from us, so you can stand down on our end. We are just going to continue to do what we're doing-- as inventory drops low on an item, blow out the remaining at the lowest price we can sell for.

If you see something on sale right now, that means there is literally a handful left, so act fast and grab your size. Right now our game plan is to completely wrap-up all online operations by Jan 15th. (Kinda dumb to dwindle along with a couple pairs of socks and a few other remainders.) Terminus 1-15-15.





Written by Mia Zierk — November 15, 2014


THIS IS IT: Get your final RB orders in NOW! We are shutting this house down in 2015. Our projected last day for online sales 1-15-15. What you see in the shop is all that's left! Get yours, grab another fave -- spread the word! Check out our BLOG for details.

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