Hey there crew.  The transition to RB 3.0 has been quite an undertaking.  All good stuff, but lots to do including: INVENTORY.  (Anyone who has ever worked in retail knows what that means.)  Thanks so much for hanging with us as we migrate over and get our ducks in a row.  Some of you had to wait longer than we like on your orders this week, and we apologize for that.  Sincerely. 

A few of you are going to be receiving your Adidas Striker Backpacks in some 'interesting' boxes.  Well... we couldn't wait any longer for the box shipment to arrive so we made due with what we had.  DO NOT BE AFRAID.  It is a real package from RB you are getting in the mail.  Never mind it looks like your 3rd grader wrapped it! 

Anyho, we are beginning to see the light here, and if you are waiting on an email reply from us, that is coming as well.  It's been hectic, but it's smoothing out now.  Thanks crew, for being loyal dogs.  Tweaking it out 24-7.

Written by Mia Zierk — June 26, 2013


THIS IS IT: Get your final RB orders in NOW! We are shutting this house down in 2015. Our projected last day for online sales 1-15-15. What you see in the shop is all that's left! Get yours, grab another fave -- spread the word! Check out our BLOG for details.

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