... One afternoon at the firehouse I was sitting at the kitchen table drinking a cup of coffee, trying to come up with a good tattoo design for a firefighter on my crew. I was drawing an axe on a paper napkin when someone walked by and said, "Hey, that would make a cool t-shirt," and that's how RIDE BACKWARDS was born.

It's hard to find gear that both fits and performs well in a variety of environments. If you ride backwards, you know how critical performance is. How you train is directly related to how you perform at a fire. Here at RIDE BACKWARDS we take training seriously, and we know that some of the toughest workouts can happen in your own backyard on your "off" day. That's why you need apparel that performs as hard as you work. Freelancing at a structure fire is not a good idea; neither is a heavyweight cotton t-shirt in the baking sun.

RIDE BACKWARDS is a firefighter-owned and operated company out of Chicago, IL, small in size but big in service. We field test all of our gear on our own firefighter crew before it ever gets out the door. We are directly accountable to you, our customers - no inquiry or order will get lost in the shuffle. Our commitment is to service, both in the firehouse and in the RB office.

Our mission? To bring the best to the bravest: high quality athletic wear, with original designs, at affordable prices. Fashion without function is like a Haligan bar without a flathead axe. Sure, they can be used separately, but how much more efficient are they when they're married together?

Our firefighting brothers and sisters and their families are THE KEY to our success. Without your feedback, we would not have the insight & knowledge on what gear you like, what works, what is less-than-stellar, and how to make it better. We are here to serve you, and we want to know what you think, good and bad. So thanks for all the great emails, keep sending us your product ideas and suggestions.

RIDE BACKWARDS provides firefighters with quality athletic wear that looks good, feels good, and lasts. Whether you're swinging a hammer, a bat, or an axe, do it with pride.

Know your job, love your job, do your job - and love the clothes you do it in.


Ride Backwards Crew


THIS IS IT: Get your final RB orders in NOW! We are shutting this house down in 2015. Our projected last day for online sales 1-15-15. What you see in the shop is all that's left! Get yours, grab another fave -- spread the word! Check out our BLOG for details.

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