Welcome to the RIDE BACKWARDS TEAMS page. We are honored to help support some exceptional athletes as they pursue excellence in a variety of sporting events including the Firefighter Combat Challenge and also a variety of athletic competitions. Please scroll down the page to see their pics and learn more about these talented athletes & the events they compete in. 

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I'm Amer Cosic, 32 years old from Slovenia. I'm the only full-time firefighter on Team Slovenia, and I've been pro for 8 years.

My whole life I was connected to sport - I trained at soccer for 7 years and played professional football for 2 years before getting a job in the steel industry.

My best FCC time is 1.46.  I've had a lot of success competing in the Firefighter Combat Challenge across Europe, from Slovenia to Poland, France, and Austria. My specialties are the tandem and relay runs.

I hope I can be even better this year. I believe I have a great team, and it's worth all the hard work.



My name is Anže Habjan, I'm 28 years old and I am a Firefighter Combat Challenge competitor from Slovenia. I've been a volunteer firefighter for 21 years and i want to become a professional firefighter.

I was the first in Slovenia to compete in the Firefighter Combat Challenge. That was in 2008 in Haverhill, MA, where we were invited in order to obtain a license for the Slovenian Challenge. I immediately became addicted to the sport, and attended the World Challenge in 2009 in Las Vegas.

I enjoy intense training like CrossFit and weightlifting. My fastest FCC time is 1:36,41 and my goal is to improve it with each competition. My task is the hose hoist for the team.

So proud to be part of the fastest team in Europe and to represent Ride Backwards with best results. 



Volunteer firefighter for 18 years in fire department PGD BEGUNJE.

Student on Faculty of Sport, University of Ljubljana and now writing a diploma about physical preparation for Firefighter Combat Challenge

I enjoy a variety of sports from running, ice hockey, beach volleyball, mountaineering, and mostly training for FCC.

Domen has been competing in the Firefighter Combat Challenge for 5 years.
First Slovenian competitor under 1:40 and Lion's Den Member since 2012 (World Challenge XXI, Myrtle Beach).

Current European record holder in: Individual (1:30), Male Tandem (1:18) and Relay (1:18) categories.
Goals: Set individual time under 1:30 and get even better in everything I do.

So proud to be a part of such amazing firefighter community and member of Team RB!



My name iS Gregor Stanonik and I am a Firefighter Combat Challenge competitor from Slovenia.

I am on the Slovenian team with Matic Zupan, Domen Pavlič, Anže Habjan and Amer Čosić. I began competing in the FCC in 2010 and I won a lot of medals.

I also compete in the FCC Tandem with Anže, and we are ranked number 2 in Europe. My PR in the Individual is from this season in Mosel, Germany at 1:38:38.

I hope to make it in the Lion's Den this year. I am training a lot of CrossFit and FCC.

I was born on 11th of January, 1988. I have been a volunteer firefighter for 8 years. My volunteer fire brigade is in a small town Gorenja vas and I am a president of it.  I am very proud to be a member of Team RB.



Born in Ljubljana, Slovenia
I'm a father of 2 girls - 6 years and 15months old.

I've been a volunteer firefighter for over 10 years at PGD Moste.  Competing in the Firefighter Combat Challenge for 4 years.

We are kind of fresh faces at the FCC, and if I'm honest this year is the one that I can say that I know how to train for the FCC. I made into the Lions Den at Worlds in Las Vegas with time 1:37.

I'm training hard this year, 6 days a week, and I want great results.  In tandems we got the European record, and 4th place at Worlds. We have the strongest Relay Team in Europe and are expecting to be European champions again this year.

Before my FCC career I raced motor bikes, and I was 9-time National Champion.

I'm proud to represent TEAM RB!





I was born 27 August 1985 in Trier Germany.

I previously worked as a Civilian Security Forces member from 2007 to 2012
at Spangdahlem AFB Germany.
The Spangdahlem Fire Department has been my home since January 2013.

I started competing in August 2013 right after Tech School.
Muellheim, Germany was my first and hardest FCC competition and I ran it in 2:16 min.
Our team headed to Slovenia next, I worked hard and knocked my time down to 2:00 min flat!
'The Europa Challenge' in Hardegsen was a bit different from the other challenges but we pushed hard and kicked butt. Finally, the Skyrun in Duesseldorf was our last run of the season, which consisted of 25 flights of stairs we conquered in 5:12 min.

Goal: My personal goal in the upcoming season is to keep up with my Mentor and Team Captain Gerd Mueller
And also compete at the World Championship in the USA

Motto: It’s all about the gains, "No Pain No Gain."
Proud to represent Team RB



My name is Robert Jones. I am proudly serving as a firefighter in the United States Air Force and am currently stationed at Spangdahlem Airbase Germany. This is my first year in the fire & emergency service and I am a newcomer to the firefighter combat challenge.

I grew up watching the FCC on ESPN as a kid, and when I found out our department had a team I immediately wanted to participate. I am a competitor by nature, played sports my entire life and played college football at Southern Nazarene University.

My first challenge was in Strasbourg France where I ran a time of 2:01. My goals for my rookie season is to break the 1 minute 40 second mark, someday make it to Worlds and to enter the Lion's den!!! I have a great team, great training program and amongst the best around Europe and am looking forward to the remainder of the season!!



Born,16.May 1966 in Bitburg/Germany,
Proudly serving with  Fire & Emergency Services over 25 years,
Current Position: Civilian Firefighter Crew Chief at Spangdahlem AFB, Germany.

Experienced 15 months of Firefighting in Kuwait, Camp Udairi.

I have competed in  Fire-sports for 10 years, competing at Challenges, TFA's and Stair-runs.

Team Captain of the AFB Spangdahlem FFCC Team since 2006, 
Lion's Den Member since 2007
Top 3 Over 45 in Europe
4th over 40 Relay at Worlds 2012
3rd over 45 TFA Germany 2012
1st over 40 TFA Poland 2012
Participated 6 World Challenges and a few Regionals, and around 75 induvidual races.

Goal: Stay under 2:00 minutes at each individual run, keep up with the youngsters, and stay fit for the job.  That's the best way to showcase to the public what firefighter's do.

Motto: Age is just a number!

Proud and Honored to represent,




Jason "T-hoe" Theriault is proudly serving in the US AIR FORCE, active duty for 23 years (E-8, Senior Master Sergeant).  Currently, Jason is the Deputy Fire Chief for Spangdahlen Air Base, Germany. 

Along with his active duty, Jason is a CrossFit Level coach, the previous administrator and head coach at CrossFit Osan, and is getting ready to take over as Administrator of CrossFit Spangdahlem. 

Jason is a current member of the Spangdahlem Firefighter Combat Challenge Team.  The highlight of Jason's athletic Career so far has been a trip to Deerfield Beach in 2003, and then the opportunity to judge the 2013 Asia CrossFit Regionals.  In 2013 Jason ran the Dusseldorf Stair Climb with 220 other FF teams. 

Jason is looking forward to a great friendship & partnership with Team RB. 



Currently serving in the United States Air Force, Scott is a Firefighter/Driver-Operator at the Spangdahlem AB Fire Department in Germany. 
Scott joined the Air Force after graduating High School in 2012 to pursue his dream of being a firefighter. He is a native of Green Bay (TITLETOWN), WI! 
A few months after arriving in Germany, Scott was introduced to the Firefighter Combat Challenge. His first competition was in Szczecin, Poland and since has competed all over Europe.
Prior to the Combat Challenge, Scott ran track and played soccer in the USSDA Academy National League, Midwest Regional League and State League. 
Last year in Slovenia he achieved his PR of 2:30 and is DETERMINED to get under 2:00 this season!
2014 Goals - Keep shaving time off each run to get a Sub 2:00!  Sub 1:23 in the Team Relay, and to
meet new competitors and supporters of the FCC and keep up with the best competitors and learn from them!


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