RIDE BACKWARDS is a firefighter owned and operated company. Our mission is to bring the "best to the bravest"; for us that means quality athletic wear for firefighters. We offer designs that begin as hand- drawn originals before they are digitized for print or embroidery. Our focus is on sportswear, and our goal is to combine our proud firefighter history and tradition with new performance wear technology. It is also very important to us to offer high quality firefighter gear in a variety of price ranges. Not everyone is on the same budget, and we don't want anyone to be left out.

We are very blessed to be able to work within our own firefighter family and have our gear printed and embroidered right here in the Midwest. We like it that way because we believe personal relationships/ family go a long way in ensuring quality and accountability. It's good to be able to poke your head in the shop and see what's up.

It would be misleading to imply that all our gear is assembled (i.e. the fabric of the shirts & shorts are actually dyed, cut, and sewn into shape) in the U.S.A. Some of them are, some aren't. The truth is, very few garments are 100% "Made in the U.S.A." from start to finish. Our commitment is to high standards in our RB products, and we expect the same from the companies we work with.

We can confidently state that all of our athletic wear suppliers are committed to workers rights, fair labor standards, and improving their environmental impact. We care very much about how people are treated, and how we treat people and our planet. It matters.

If your job has a specific Made In the USA/Union Made policy for their garments, that is totally cool. We work with Union print & embroidery shops, and have access to American-made clothing including hoodies, tees, shorts, hats, etc., from vendors like American Apparel, Bayside, Platinum Sportswear, Toolshed & more.


THIS IS IT: Get your final RB orders in NOW! We are shutting this house down in 2015. Our projected last day for online sales 1-15-15. What you see in the shop is all that's left! Get yours, grab another fave -- spread the word! Check out our BLOG for details.

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