Fail Again, Fail Better – Erg Life

32' REDLINE – Thurs. Oct. 28

~ 6-7K worth of work
18/22 s/m
Alternating between stroke rates every 4 min
4’ at an 18, then 4’ at a 22…

"I blew this one up today. I mean I could barely take the handle with me. I never get up off the erg, but I did today. Went outside, walked around the block, came home and slept for three hours on the couch this afternoon.
Who knows?! Doesn’t matter. It happens.
One day is not your truth and it says nothing about your status or progress. Never let a blown/failed workout shut you down or mess with your head. Tomorrow we ride the iron horse!" 🐀

40' With Bursts – Fri. Oct. 29

Steady-state rowing, 1 min burst every 5th min (8 bursts total)

~ 9-10K of work
18/26 s/m
4 minutes at the 18 then burst for 1 minute at 26

"Okay. Today’s piece is in the books. I wouldn’t say it was “good,” but it was honest work. I showed up. I stuck. I stayed on my plan. Those are all wins.
If you want to win races you have to be able to execute a well-conceived plan. The ability to do that is built on a lot of failures.
If you never fail, you are not pushing yourself. I didn’t say breaking, I said pushing. Having the courage to step off the curb is different than playing in traffic blindfolded with a fifth of whisky in your hand. No one is advocating for that.
I’m saying that success is built on trial and learning. Mental toughness and a sick obsession with precision.
And rest. And water. And good friends who love you regardless.
This post was written post ergo, in the saddle, sweaty fingers and no glasses."  🐀


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