Men's 8 Rowing Down to Start

Design forward apparel for wherever your stroke takes you

This Means WOR

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RBR Contrast Sweats

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The Pair Tees

Stern Pair triblend rowing tee
Engine Room triblend rowing tee
Bow Pair triblend rowing tee

Timing, Power, and Balance

Send, run and set are all determined by the pairs working together in harmony. Find your tee and take your seat. Available in both men's and women's style premium triblend tees.

Rower de los Muertos

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Training is hard, apparel shouldn't be.

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RB Rowing Ultra Light

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The Chicago River Tee

RBR - This Means WOR poster

Thru the Window

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2018 RB Shield PT

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Stick 'em Up

Looking for a cool decal or sticker? Look no further.


In Production

RBR Meta Jacket & Hoody

The RBR Meta Jacket & Hoody order is now closed
and both pieces are in production. 
Ships the week of Nov 5

RB Cascade Fleece Hoody

The RB Cascade Fleece Hoody order is now closed
and in production. 
Ships the week of Nov 5

Shipping out

The RB Rowing Cap

The RB Rowing Cap is shipping out Tues, Oct 16.
They turned out great! 

RB Rowing Cap

The RB Training Cap

The RB Training Cap is on it's way. Looking good!

RB Training Cap

Less is more

Our design forward approach guarantees that the apparel we make is well conceived. At Ride Backwards, we're focused on the quality of the design not the quantity of the products.  

Design Forward • Ride Backwards