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ERg Rats Training Tank

It's back! The Erg Rats 22 unisex ultralight tank. This must-have unisex jersey tank top is updated with a modern fit and super-soft feel. Not everyone likes to row or train in sleeves; this tank is moisture-wicking and slim fitting but is nota compression top or uni. Move freely with a little breathing room as you throw down the meters. 

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Erg Rats Gym Towel

22"x 42" fully hemmed, 100% cotton terry velour. It's soft and highly absorbent. This is the towel you want next to you for a brutal erg workout. It also doubles as a great shower towel. Keep this one in your bag, you'll be glad you have it.

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Erg Racing at Fools Fest Sprints

We've got the heats!

March Meter Madness - 19 minute pyramid virtual erg challenge at

March Meter madness!

Sun, March 17, 2024
9 am CDT
Entry $26.00

What goes up must come down! Racers will climb and descend a 19-minute pyramid in quest of the most total meters. Strategy is key. Rate high and fly or go slow with power? Which race plan will get you the most meters? Test your smarts and your stamina to find out!

This virtual race will be conducted ONLINE using the ERGZONE app.
The app is free to download in your mobile app store. Learn more at

The Ergon Metron Series Cup

Four Seasons - Four Races. The Ergon Metron Series Cup is comprised of four virtual seasonal erg races. Enter one, enter them all. Competitors can enter each stage race as a solo event for or sign up for the entire series. Learn more at

Checking it Down - Notes from the dock

Ride Backwards Statement on 2022 Masters Nationals Boycott

I just got back from vacation in Michigan. Digging into emails and catching up on the goings-on in the rowing communi...

Fail Again, Fail Better ‚Äď Erg Life

32' REDLINE ‚Äď Thurs. Oct. 28 ~ 6-7K worth of work 18/22 s/mAlternating between stroke rates every 4 min 4‚Äô at an 18,...
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