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Thank you for spending a few minutes on the RB website. We've put a lot of time and thought into this endeavor and our goal is to make your experience equal to our passion for great apparel design.


We are small batch. 

Think of us like a special reserve whisky. Small and mighty. All of our designs are original creations by Mia Zierk, a Chicago based graphic designer and rower. An incredible amount of time goes into each design and every product we select to ensure that you are getting the best of both. We are small, independent, and customer focused, and that is how we like it. We are making gear we want to wear that will last a long time and perform as expected. Quality over quantity. 

As rowers, we know exactly what does and doesn't work on the water and also in the boathouse and gym. And who doesn't like a ridiculously comfy pair of joggers to travel and go to breakfast in??

Do you like our Featured Design? Cool. Order it, and tell a friend.


Some items we have in the shop for immediate ship and some items we sell only via pre-orders.

On each product page you will either see SHIPS IMMEDIATELY, or PRE-ORDER OPEN for you to reserve your size/color. Next to the pre-order there will be an expected ship date when you can expect your pre-order to arrive. SHIPS IMMEDIATELY means it will ship out to you as soon as you get your order in and we see it.
PRE-ORDERS exist to keep us in business and minimize dead product on our shelves. Expect the entire pre-order to delivery process to take about 4 weeks. COVID has extended our lead times on many products, but we will do our best to keep you updated on arrival and shipping times.


Design Forward means that our focus is on the design process.

Good design takes time. Cranking out merch is not what RB is about. We're about original and inspired, high-quality apparel. Often times our gear is inspired by what we have a need for on the water or in the training room. Sometimes we just get inspired, and have a cool idea. If you dig it, sweet – put your order in. If not, no worries – check back and see what's up next. We have no interest in bombarding you with cheap products in hopes you'll buy something. Our focus is on designing, not selling. 


Afraid you might miss what's next? Stay connected and you won't. RB is on Instagram and Facebook.

Join the RB Design Club - inclusion offers those who want to see what's happening inside the studio a sneak peek at works in progress, and also alerts for our upcoming apparel release dates.


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Stay connected. Sign up for the RB Design Club. We're in it for quality, not quantity. Most of our apparel is available only during set order windows. Don't miss out because you've been offline or away. Members will be alerted when our newest available design is going live in the shop. This is not that often so emails are few and far between.

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