The Erg, it works

Erging, there is no substitute...
Wanted to take a minute and say how much I love the erg, and this workout in particular:


Three 10-minute pieces with 6 minutes rest in between.
Each 10-minute piece will be broken down into:
4'@20, 3'@22, 2'@24+, 1'@26+ s/m
~ 7.5K depending on who you are
Rate build throughout the pieces. The goal is to cap each one off with a killer sprint in the last minute. Feel free to open it up in the last few minutes to get the most out of your workout.
Rate shifts. Do they matter? YES.
The ability to hit and hold a rating is critical to any success you will ever have on the erg. The ability to hit and hold a rate increase as the piece progresses is even more important. These are the little details that win races and make you competitive.
It also makes erging a lot more fun, having a goal and a target objective, versus staring off into space and just yanking on the chain for 20 minutes.
I encourage you all to do this one. Sit down on your erg once a week, even if you’re on the water now. I just came back from 11 days of on-the-water rowing and other workouts but was off the erg that entire time. Sat down on Weds, and thought, "HOLY COW." Great fitness reality check.
The erg, it works.
Check out the private group Erg Rats on Facebook for bi-weekly free workouts. No hype, no hassle, just rowers rowing together or on their own. Easy accountability if you want it. Learn more at on the Erg Calendar page.
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